Importance of Hair Extensions Consultation

Are you new to getting hair extensions? If you are, it is important to get an expert hairdresser to attach your hair extensions to your natural hair. When you visit a hair extensions Bondi salon for the attachment, you will be undergoing a consultation. The consultation is important for several reasons and it is a recommended step if you want to get the most out of your hair extensions.

Why Get a Consultation?

Hairstylists and salons specializing in hair extensions always recommend their clients to have a consultation. There are several reasons for this but the ones listed below will highlight its importance:


  1. A consultation will give hairstylists the opportunity to assess the hair type or condition of the clients. Using this information, they can make appropriate suggestions as to the type, color and method of attachment for the hair extension. This is also a great opportunity for the stylist and client to discuss about the latter’s reason for getting hair extensions. Some want to use it to supplement the thickness of their hair, while others want to use extensions for temporary boost in volume of their hair (particularly for styling on special occasions).


  1. A consultation will give clients an idea on the cost of getting hair extension. Depending on the information gathered by the stylist, they can recommend a specific type and color of hair extension to the client. This will give clients the opportunity to know beforehand the total cost of getting the hair extensions without the commitment of getting them right away.


  1. A consultation will enable you to match color more accurately. A color description is not enough; only a face to face meeting will allow the hairstylist to find the closest color of hair extensions to match a client’s natural hair.


What to Expect During Consultation


When you are in consultation with a hairstylist for hair extensions Bondi service, you should listen attentively. You need to take this consultation as seriously as the stylist does. You will be asked to write down your information on a form. Answer the form as honestly as you could. Some salons will conduct a one-on-one interview instead; if your salon does this, make sure to be as truthful as possible as it will also help the stylist find the right extensions for you.


During the consultation, you should also be briefed about what you should or should not do when wearing your hair extensions. Once you have finalized your decision to get the extension, you should be provided information on how to maintain them. Make sure that you choose a hair extensions salon who makes you feel at ease. If you are not a hundred percent sure about your choice, do not feel compelled at all.


At Head Office Specialist, you will speak with a stylist for a one-on-one consultation prior to hair extensions attachment. This is an important step to ensure that you get the right color, thickness and texture for your hair type. Choose only a reliable hair extensions Bondi salon to ensure the quality of your hair extensions and get optimum styling results.